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Estately – Running in the black. Congrats Galen.

I do not get around to as many blogs as I would like in the real estate space. (Seriously – I am busy with EricOnSearch and the brokerage), but it did not escape my notice that my friend and fellow dog, Galen Ward and Estately are running in the black.

EricOnSearch (my little teeny tiny enterprise) runs in the black. We celebrate others who do as well. Just like when I toasted Glenn Kelman and RedFin turning a profit, my hat is off to Estately. Good job guys!

In each of these cases, profitability has come from hard work, tough decisions and focused effort. That is how you stay out of a dot com bust or any other kind of bust for that matter.


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  1. James Boyer October 26th, 2009 8:00 pm

    Very good Eric, it is always nice in the current economic environment to find companies who are making it and growing a little as well.