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The Fed’s lucky this app wasn’t available two years ago

Hello Bloodhoundbloggers.. It’s been almost a year since my last post and I’m feeling a little out of touch with the pulse of the market, which is the heart of this site. Since my last post, I’ve been involved in cell tower development in Las Vegas as a build-to-suit vendor for a wireless carrier, having started my company almost a year ago this month (And you thought the residential market was tough). Things are progressing in a positive direction although there is still more work to be done, but what spurred my writing muse (you can have her Geno when I’m done here) was a little app I bought for my iPhone last week.

Normally, I’m more interested in the free apps geared towards saving me time in one way or another, but I must admit that I do enjoy playing NFL Madden 10 when I’m sitting in a zoning hearing. But as I found this one ( – Video click here – I past over the $2.99 without a thought. Let me summarize what it does and how I use it:

I receive numerous proposals and eFax’es on my iPhone as a PDF file (the app only works with PDF files) that require my signature. Some of them are minor, but necessary documents that need my approval when I’m on the road, in an airport or at a hearing (I have a laptop but don’t always have access to a printer or WiFi).. then I found this app.. The document comes to my inbox on the iPhone.. I forward it to (after you setup an account on the iPhone – make sure that you use the email address that you have defaulted on your iPhone as your login – makes it easier) and the forwarded PDF file will show up in the list of files once you open the app.

Once Zosh is opened, find the file that you just emailed to and open it. Now you can insert a signature, text or date. With the signature, you tap on the location of the document where you want to sign and a signature block opens up. Using your finger (Steve Jobs would be proud) you sign your mark and click ‘Done’. The image is on your document which can now be resized, moved, rotated or deleted to fit your needs. Once you’re done, click ‘Transmit’ and you’ll receive an email on your iPhone with an attached PDF file showing your signature. Once the finished product is in your inbox, just forward to the party requesting your signature and you’re done (more time for Madden). The quality of the final product is good enough for government work and the time it saves in finding a printer and fax machine on the road is invaluable.

Since my initial testing last week, I’ve emailed blank PDF proposals to my zosh account and as I’m meeting with a prospective client or contractor, I can fill in the “blanks” with the “text” feature in Zosh. You could (although I haven’t done it yet) have the other party sign the document on your iPhone and with your signature, a meeting of the minds is in place without getting out a laptop, printer and fax machine, pretty cool app and a must for the real estate professional. To think about it, this little app could have brought down a few more banks if it was available in 2007.


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  1. Keith Lutz November 25th, 2009 7:55 pm

    This does seem very cool. I have a blackberry 🙁

  2. Sam Dodd November 29th, 2009 9:13 pm

    Sounds like a great app, It should only take about 5 more years until I can get it on my Pre.