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The System is Broke? Humpty Dumpty

I’m just quoting the conclusion of the article that was up on Calculated Risk over the weekend.  It was about a lot of the technical aspects of mortgage servicing and the way that mortgages are sold and bundled.    A couple of main comments and then read the conclusion below:

  • Many of the problems in the mortgage world are because of the way that the mortgage world is structured.   That means that it is going to take systematic and structural changes to get us back to a system that really works.
  • When there is a lack of accountability, things won’t work the way they are planned.
  • Do you think that this lack of accountability and lack of responsibility is part of the reason why short sales and foreclosures are so hard to get approved?   There is no incentive for the servicer to make the decisions that need to be made.

Check it out below…..

Tom Vanderwell

Calculated Risk: Thanksgiving Weekend Mortgage Litigation Roundup

In other words, as many of you suspected all along, “hoocoodanode?” was officially part of the plan for creating mortgage backed securities. Systematic and willful ignorance was incentivized. If Wall Street created a system where each bogus mortgage passed through the hands of a couple of intermediaries who had no ability to do any due diligence on the quality of the loan, then the end buyer of the loan would, legally speaking, be in a better position to collect than the original lender by virtue of BFP status. Did the mortgage broker tell the borrower the loan was fixed rate when it really wasn’t? Oh well, no way the mortgage pool trustee could have known about that after the loan passed through the hands of an originating lender, an unrelated depositor and a legally separate issuer.

Whether for better or for worse, this system is pretty clearly not playing out as intended
. BFP status does nothing to protect lenders from broke borrowers and half price houses, both of which were foreseen by knowledgeable people who were not willfully ignorant of details about loan origination. And even the limited protection of BFP status may not be available in cases that are actively litigated, since it won’t be hard to prove that everyone in the industry knew brokers were filling in the blanks on stated income loans with whatever numbers were needed to make the applications go through.

So I guess this is just one more reason why all the Fed’s ponies and all the Treasury’s men are not going to be able to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

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