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Apartment-rental rates in Valley surge

I was wrong. The Republic did cover the increase in apartment rents corresponding to a drop in vacancy rates. And only two days later than the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

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  1. Daniel Butterfield October 2nd, 2007 11:16 pm


    I have made a stern effort to get more involved in my community of real estate professionals and came across your bubble head 21 reason blog. Wow, what a discussion. Anyhow, I tend to agree with you, the hype is exactly that, just hype and even though the market has changed some more since July 06 I still feel strongly about this market we are in. Frankly I feel a little relieved and challenged to re-invent certain parts of my business, adapting to the new changes in the lending industry and developing new and more advanced exit strategies. I feel so efficient as i operate my business these days, which has also brought better advertising and networking mediums such as blogs and article etc..

    I honestly feel like I am working as a consultant again (my previous life) solving new problems for a business to keep revenues up.