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TweetSpinner: Making some damn sense out of Twitter

Alright kids, a quick damn screenvid.

I didn’t think I needed followers till I started seriously seeing my links had more clicks.   That was cool.

Then I learned that those clicks opt in at the same damn rate as PPC/SEO clicks.  Even cooler.

Now…you can get LOCAL followers en masse with very little work.  Takes 2-3 months but you can build to 2,000-3000 or more.

Here’s the rapid fire video, where I just do it, share the (LEN) function thanks to Jesse Petersen.

I know, most of you won’t give a Twit, but this thing rocks, and if your pages convert can be automated.


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  1. Alex Cortez April 23rd, 2010 5:32 pm

    Nice, I didnt realize the numbers were that good. I am new to SM (twitter in particular) but I will definitely be increasing my efforts. Thanks for the info.

  2. jeffrey gordon April 23rd, 2010 5:55 pm


    thanks for the twitter info. Not sure I follow how the quotes being posted each hour is going to build a list of folks interested in buying or selling real estate in a local area. Did I miss something, or misinterpret the point of the article? Was it not for re/mortgage sales types?


    jeffrey gordon

  3. Chris Johnson April 23rd, 2010 5:58 pm

    It does 2 things: it freshens it. Lots of folks don’t have a home search-type-widget rolling, like Greg’s.

    So the quotes is a next best content thing.

    Home search = better.

    Other things better still.

  4. jay April 24th, 2010 7:56 pm

    Blown away.

    Don’t like the idea of trying to upload 500 or 1000 quotes into excel though. You know what I’m sayin’ Do you have a tip on how to procure a bunch of quotes that can be pasted in mass into excel?

    How much is tweetspnner?

  5. jay April 24th, 2010 8:03 pm

    Give us some stories of people connecting to you via this vehicle or is it too impossible to know. example buyer follow you on T because you followed him and he noticed in your profile that you’ve got a real estate website to check so he registers and make property inquiries.

    I assume you have no idea who’s coming from T originally verses other web registrations????


  6. Chris Johnson April 24th, 2010 8:25 pm

    Greg’s toy listing/search/email thing is possible as well.

    Jay, I found the list by googling “libertarian quotes” or “liberty quotes.xls.” There it was in an .xls format.

    they act like everything else acts, the tracks through.

  7. Damon Chetson April 26th, 2010 5:43 am

    Will a lot of followers to a twitter account carry over in terms of raising the google rank of the website the account sends links to?

    Just curious since it doesn’t seem worthwhile to me if it doesn’t translate into moving my websites up google.

  8. Chris Johnson April 26th, 2010 6:50 am

    Not really. Most of twitters links are nofollow. The gist though, is that I get 15 clicks per 1,000 followers. clicks.

    So you could say, curate some Drunk Tips. Make it funny, and spit that through, and you’d get some traffic. You could keep the traffic local to you and relevant through the location filter.

  9. Anthony May 4th, 2010 2:05 pm

    Wow, to think the stats are that robust. I signed up for a Twitter account a few months ago, but really haven’t used it since. I should probably check revisit it in light of this info.