There’s always something to howl about

We’re gonna move: and all of its subfolders and subdomains is moving to a new server.

I’m sure you’ve noticed the pain we’ve been going through. I made a big mistake a couple of weeks ago, and, in the process of fixing that, I uncovered systemic problems in our current file server arrangement that are most easily addressed with a match.

Which is to say, we’re going to burn this playhouse down. Last week, I moved and Yesterday I moved 31 of our lower-traffic domains. Starting today, I’m going to begin the process of moving itself to a new server.

This is no small task. We have a huge quantity of content, along with four weblogs associated with this one domain. It will be a while before I do the DNS change — and I’ll tell you when I’ve done it — and it will be a while after that before you land on the new server. As with every DNS swap we’ve done before, there may be some lost comments, if you land on the old server after the new server has gone live. But: We’re fairly slow right now, so this should not be a huge obstacle.

I’m sorry for the hassle — and I’m sorry for all the hassle you’ve been enduring. By isolating our big time-sucks, I hope to make everything perform better. I’ve got some cool ideas I want to play with, but I need to wait for a more stable BloodhoundBlog to show off that stuff.

More news as details emerge. Meanwhile, here’s Loudon Wainwright III on the subject of moving:


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  1. Cheryl Johnson September 29th, 2010 4:25 am

    Maybe set up a separate, completely different server to run the experimental bleeding edge stuff?

  2. Greg Swann September 29th, 2010 6:10 am

    Indeed. Failed again yesterday on its own platform. Very easy to clean up, though. All of the big time-sinks are going to their own little ghettos.

    Are your Scenius scenes running? I’m thinking the transition should have been transparent, but you might give them some oversight.