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If you have any time to spare from catching all those paper fish on TwitBook, I have a no-fee referral for a Bloodhound in McKinney, Texas.

My tenth house for this year is closing today, and I may be leasing up my two vacant rental properties between now and five o’clock. I know, I know — I’m missing out on all those wonderful paper fish on TwitBook, but my experience is that paper-fish chowder doesn’t make for a fulfilling meal.

Oh, well. Each man to his own saints. But, unlike TwitBook, where spitballs cast at other Realtors come back a thousand fold, when I say the words “I have a no-fee referral,” what that means is pretty simple:

I have an opportunity for you to catch a real fish — and cash a real paycheck — and all you have to do is deliver the frolicking goods!

It’s not nearly as much fun as wasting time on line while you pretend you are doing work, but everything’s a trade-off, ain’t it?

Here are the notes from the seller:

I am a huge fan of your blog. And though I am not a real estate agent, I used many of your sites articles and initiative to help me locate and buy my current home. Unfortunately, I never came across an informed agent who understood the value of proper high tech research and the value I was bringing to the deal. Sadly, the agent that I settled with for the purchase was nothing more than a functional tool for me to direct. Much disappointment (though I worked a great 25% off market buy in the end!)

And as I now I am selling my previous house – I beg you assistance: How can a well prepared seller locate a forward-thinking agent?

I do want a energetic agent. I do want a marketing savvy realtor! I do want a custom yard sign that shows the price! I do want the listing to appear where the buyers are looking online. And on and on.

Get it? You have to be a Bloodhound. You’ve got to be prepared to do the work.

But if you are, I’ve got a deal for you, all tied up with a bow, and all you’ve got on TwitBook is a boat full of paper fish.

Hit me by email if you want to talk to the sellers.

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  1. Robert Worthington March 8th, 2011 4:12 pm

    Greg, stupid question for you. On average how many visitors are you getting monthly to your site? Sounds like your business is firing on all cylinders.