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ZestiBerry: Zillow available for your BlackBerry

If you are a Blackberry user, you can now access your Zestifarm on the go.
Thank you, Zillow! Blackberries are industrial strength communicators. They have the best keyboards and battery life in the business. Another reason I like them is that they have insurance available for the time when you drop it and it doesn’t dent the concrete. And one more thing… you can take a call and look something up on your phone without hanging up. That seems to be a big deal these days. Now you can see Zillow on a Blackberry as well. Are there any other happy blackberristas out there?


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  1. Nick Vandekar March 31st, 2011 3:27 pm

    Yes, love this, always wonder how when realtors/sales people slam Zillow all the time how come they all access it to check prices. I find my clients are on these sites and I need to be on them too. Love that this is now accesible from my Blackberry.

  2. Dylan Darling April 1st, 2011 1:19 pm

    The reason that “realtors/sales people slam Zillow”, is because they’re not always right. I haven’t checked Zillow out in a while. But in the past I’ve had clients say “my house is worth this much, Zillow says so”, when in reality its worth $100K less. Zillow is a great tool, but they pull their information from different sources. Sometimes that info is incorrect. So use it, but double check your stats elsewhere.

  3. Sara Bonert April 4th, 2011 1:15 pm

    I just switched to a Driod after being a Blackberry died hard, and you’re right – you can’t beat the battery life of a blackberry! Glad to be able to now offer the Zillow on BB, because I know that a lot of real estate professionals use the device.