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It’s Time To Think About…Money…Brian Brady’s Money

We’re going to take a brief break from the political apocalypse that surrounds us and deal with money.

Your Money.

I’m something of a master at listening on Twitter.  When someone says “After effects”  or “motion graphics” I’m there.  There are a dozen or so other ones that work much better, but you get the picture.  I’m unlikely to share them.

It’s what’s building (our work is here, I’ll share some good stuff sometime soon).

I have dozens running on my tweetdeck.  I pitch a few times a day.  It works.

Now, I learned something that Brian Brady better use.

The phrase “New Client,” and “New Buyer,” are tweeted a few hundred times a day.

Over hundred times – 1/3 they are Realtors pandering for Approbation.  “Look at me, I have a client.”  Most of the time, it’s a buyer.  A buyer that needs a mother frolicking mortgage loan.

What if a great lender, googled, called, and then offered the Realtor approval?  What if that lender played dumb and pretended they didn’t see things on Twitter, but had a polished, refined pitch?

Fish in a barrel.  Takes seconds to skim, minutes to sort, and needy people are forever most easily persuaded.

Also: if you have clients- shut up about them.  Marketers brag about new, unsigned clients.  I appreciate them identifying who is in the market for me, saves me the research.  (Be silent, or be better than silence).


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  1. Brian Brady April 29th, 2011 3:27 pm

    Love it, Chris. Thanks for the heads up a few weeks ago. I found a similar one for Facebook but I’m not comfortable sharing it publicly. Anyone really interested can call.

  2. Jeremy April 30th, 2011 9:21 am

    Interesting approach, it’s amazing what people post publicly on twitter and facebook that anyone like you or I could see.