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South Park on Sixty Minutes: Is CBS chasing relevance, or are we about to find out how to monetize new-media content?

When I saw the bags of Cheesy Poofs at WalMart, I knew everything was about to change for South Park. After all, the boys told us that they were looking for ways to make new-media content pay. First the movies, then the South Park Studios web site, then the Broadway musical lampooning Mormons, known the world over for smiling benignly through the rudest of derision.

Now CBS is hopping on the South Park bandwagon, with a segment on this season’s premier of Sixty Minutes:

Frankly, I like the idea of a South Park that Sunday-school teachers and TV reporters deplore. There is nothing courageous about mocking Mormons, and if CBS thinks it’s cool, you know for sure it isn’t. I like to see the boys getting a day in the sun, but, as we are seeing with Glee, popularity and raucously rude jokes are rarely found together.

Just to keep the right balance, in discussions of South Park, here’s an NSFW clip that CBS won’t be running:

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  1. Francisco September 30th, 2011 5:15 pm

    CBS wants to be relevant, and appear to be in touch. It has been a while since I watch South Park, but I do like seeing reports about stories I would not have otherwise come across.

    I think they are doing fine. I happened to catch the program because I watch The Amazing Race immediately after.