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Gates rents home near my hood – that’s all for now

Recently Mr. Bill Gates and his wife have found a nice retreat in Wellington, Florida to relax for the winter months. The couple will be staying from January till May 2012. Gates is not far from my home in Boynton Beach Florida. What surprises me is the home that he settled on is located in Wellington, Florida. Wellington is known as the polo capital of the world. People from around the world migrate to Wellington 3 months out of the year to live in horsey Heaven.

Mr. Gates and his wife liked the property so much they were willing to pay and agreed to pay $600,000 rent for the 5 months they will be in town. As a local broker in the area, Mr Gates and his wife must love Wellington’s small town feel and must love the polo scene. Wellington has a nice mall, but it’s certainly nothing to brag about. Either way, Bill has the money and he can easily do whatever he please. I just wonder why he didn’t go after an ocean side penthouse or a cottage on the Intracoastal for a 20th of the price.

I wish Bill and his wife a great 2012 winter season in Wellington, Florida! Maybe I’ll see him around and get a picture of us next to each other.

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  1. Heather Bloom November 1st, 2011 4:01 am

    when gates is concerned i’m sure he didn’t even look at the price tag. he printed money for decades. that does sound like a pretty cool place to spend the winter though. polo is great.