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A Peek Inside the Unchained Conference (Part 2 of 5)

As promised, each day this week I’ll post a few moments from some of the speakers at the Unchained Conference 2011.  It’s your chance to spend a little time with some of the most creative, innovative minds in real estate online marketing… unfortunately, that’s all it will be: a few moments.  For those of us in attendance, on the other hand, we had over 10 uninterrupted hours of access…

I know that yesterday I did the whole: “I told you so,” thing, but it bears repeating: the next time there’s an Unchained Conference scheduled, make it a point to get yourself there.  You’ll leave dead tired, overwhelmed, and full of ideas you can implement immediately.  Speaking of which…

Scott Schang’s amazing loan site and online marketing campaign started as an idea at the first Unchained conference, and now he’s back telling us how to do it.  Oh, and reminding us that when it comes to generating prospective clients, we all get what we deserve…


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  1. Jim Klein November 16th, 2011 1:06 pm

    …the customer’s POV?? Now the cat’s really out of the bag!

    Thanks for sharing these, Sean and all. I feel like saying, “You lucky dawgs,” except that luck has nothing to do with it.

    Tom, the birthday thing was way cool, but I’m pretty sure that in Greg’s life, the Sun is revolving around him! Anyway, belated birthday greetings to Greg and it sounds like y’all found yourselves in some sort of chi vortex. As Greg would say, “Good on ya” and some of us are happy that there’s still human life left on the planet, and business life even better.

  2. Al Lorenz November 16th, 2011 3:32 pm

    Sean, I’m just working through my notes on things I will be working on. I had to pause and change out the mower to snow blower, as the snow is gently falling here now. This isn’t Anaheim!

    Scott’s site is not only extremely well laid out so as to make it very useful to people looking for a loan, but it looks great to both users and search engines. One of the most impressive parts of what Scott does is how he encourages the potential customer to engage and become a warm lead in manner that doesn’t force compliance, but entices it.

    He showed me the power of fewer, better posts. Without testing it myself, I had assumed I needed to post every day. By his results, not so.