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Reading myself right into welfare via a Kindle Fire. Forgetting whats important.

In almost two years of participating at Bloodhound this will be my first tech and family combined post. Recently, I decided it was time to buy some bling aka the Kindle Fire. What really attracted me to the Kindle Fire was all that it can do coupled with it’s tiny size. Although it’s not an I-Pad 2, the Kindle Fire is still really practical for reading and Android apps which is the two sole purposes I bought it in the first place.

Have you ever thought that you might have been reading yourself right into welfare? I wake up in the morning to read for 30 minutes prior to getting out of bed. I read on the toilet! (smile) But using the bathroom now takes longer because I can’t put a book down on the middle of page. I read before and after diner. My social life has decreased and my newly found love aka the Kindle Fire has me consumed.

Brian (The Genius and mortgage mega broker) really wrote a great post about how he needs more agents to close more mortgages. And that article had me thinking about my time management skills which have clearly gone right out the window. Like the title says, I’m reading myself right into welfare. Of course we need time to unwind and so forth, but what I’ve been doing has been habit which I repeat daily. I am a wife whom is a homemaker and two small girls. I often find myself working longer hours just so we have enough padding in the bank. Just went it seems like we have a good pad, something breaks!

I guess this post is more of a spiritual battle with myself. I want to be the best husband, always there for my family even at night instead of showing homes. But dad’s need to work harder than ever right now just to survive and care for their family. I do have a confession. I’ve been reading 10 chapters every single day in my bible, on top of all the other non sense reading. How you ever found yourself just going through life and then you stop and like and say, I need to came sure my family is happy, prior to my needs? It’s ok to read books which I do, and it’s ok with do other fun activities, but not at the expense of your wife and kids.

What are your thoughts on working all the time, finding me time (Kindle Fire time), and finding family time?


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  1. Jeff Brown December 16th, 2011 11:37 am

    The question of our times, Robert, and probably any time. The solution for me was hiring assistants. There was a time there when I had three of ’em, full time. But it enabled me to be in the dugout with my son for seven years. It also allowed me consistent quality time with my daughter. Those years have resulted in relationships with them that are super glue close today.

    You’re asking the right questions.

  2. Brett Cairns December 17th, 2011 4:05 pm

    Having been through the children raising years and now into my grandchild raising years I have firmly concluded that we must carve out family time and personal time. The time spent with family comes back in spades later in life – ours call us and visit us frequently. Not so with my friends who worked all of the time. Personal time is also important because most of us start dealing with health issues later in life. As the old saying goes do not put off until the future what you can do today. This is certainly true for family time and personal time

  3. Chris Johnson December 18th, 2011 10:20 am


    My friend Willie Jackson .

    I’ve gone down this road and I was going to fix it.

  4. Karen December 19th, 2011 3:13 pm

    It’s tough being a Realtor in a recession with growing children. We did it in the early 90’s. Chris worked a lot. He worked lots of nights covering floor duty. We had to. They needed new shoes/tuition/braces/diapers/chicken nuggets…. Now they’re grown. We made it through. We were creative. I homeschooled, and one of the advantages was that we could work our schedule around his. I don’t know how many times we had dinner at 9 pm so we could be together, and we vacationed between November and January. You just have to spin lots of plates.

    About that Kindle… I am hooked, too. I just ask my family to let me know when I’m going overboard and pull me back.

  5. bob December 25th, 2011 1:11 am

    Robert, you will have time to read after your kids are grown. If you just can’t put the book down, at least read in the same room as the kids. It’s not so much ‘what’ you do with the kids, it’s that you are ‘doing’ with them.