There’s always something to howl about 2.0

Here’s a preview of what I have in my mind :

1- Facebook ads (as an agent)
2- Value-added services for real estate agents (as a lender)
3- Non-distressed auctions for real estate brokerages (as a vendor)

I have posted a few things since the content slow down on Bloodhound Blog but a lot has happened since 2012-ish.  The market has recovered nicely and most of the contributors are probably too busy listing, showing or financing property to write.  Bloodhound Blog was on the cutting edge of the  provocative, hard-hitting, curious, and innovative.

Let’s start howling again

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  1. Greg Swann September 30th, 2017 8:58 am

    Markets are conversations? Interesting, and vital. But insufficient. Markets are closed transactions. This is what I’ve been working on at work.

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