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Mapstopia: A strong first day . . .

We left the visible work visible. If you click on the “Go” button, you’ll get a Google push-pin at our house. If you click on the link in the text balloon, you’ll get the web page I made for our house when we bought it. If you type in any other address anywhere, you’ll go there, but the web site is hard-coded for now.

We’re focused on the database challenge for now, to be followed by the searching and sorting challenge, to be followed by the thrashing under a datalanch problem. A “featured listings” map from here is not problem, and we may do that using the Trulia feed (because it’s clean and because it’s there). But what I want is to suck down the entire MLS every night and use that as a visually intuitive IDX search tool — which I’ve written about before.

My input has been minimal and completely conversational. This is entirely Cameron’s triumph, and he didn’t know the Google Maps API even existed before last night.

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