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The Odysseus Medal competition — The long list

We had a lot of news this week, some tragic, some comical. All of it and then some is represented here. This is “the long list” — the total list of nominees that made the cut to be considered for the short list, the nominees available for voting for The People’s Choice Award.

What gets cut from this list? Posts that are too short, too stoopid, too much local or too much other people’s work. Even so, making this list of entries is an achievement, as you’ll see as you read them. There are some very serious minds out there, and it’s a delight to be able to showcase them.

For Aaron Anglin, may he rest in peace, the Ave Maria:

Ave Maria, gratia plena,
Dominus tecum,
benedicta tu in mulieribus,
et benedictus fructus ventris tui Iesus.
Sancta Maria mater Dei,
ora pro nobis peccatoribus, nunc, et in hora mortis nostrae.

And for all the ActiveRainers who may yet find themselves left out in the cold, here is a link to Roger Miller singing The Ballad of Waterhole #3 (The Code of the West).

With that, the long list:

< ?PHP $AltEntries = array ( "Dan Melson -- Sellers pays commissions Why the Real Estate Buyers Agent’s Commission is Paid by the Seller”,
“Brian Brady — Debunking Guttentag
Debunking Guttentag“,
“Dan Green — Fed Funds Rate How Setting The Fed Funds Rate Is Like Shooting Free Throws With Your Eyes Closed“,
“Kelly Roark — Agent 2.0 Agent 2.0: not-so-clever play on ‘Web 2.0’ or the future of real estate marketing?“,
“Brian Wilson — Redfin [Redfin] “I coulda been a contender…”“,
“Erik Hersman — RealUmbrella Creating the Ultimate Real Estate Disintermediator“,
“Jillayne Schlicke — Deceptive advertising Deceptive Radio Advertising in Mortgage Lending“,
“Ron Ares — Rent vs buy Addressing the Rent vs. Buy Conundrum“,
“Patrick Kapowich — Realtor licensing Inside the Santa Clara County Association of Realtors’ Convention. Buyer beware? No. It’s Licensees Beware.“,
“Jeff Brown — Double-edged sword Double-Edged Sword — OR — Planning & Discipline — What Does Your Retirement Look Like?“,
“Dan Green — Visa credit scoring How Visa USA Tried To Scare Us All Into Using Its Credit Scoring Web Site“,
“Morgan Brown — Housing glut Housing Glut, Lennar Revenue off 44%, Other Goodies“,
“Dustin Luther — Make an impact 7 Ways to Make an Impact“,
“Morgan Brown — Mortgage fraud When people get desperate, all bets are off.“,
“Dan Green — Data is granular Why Real Estate Data Is Granular And Not Mosaic, Or One More Reason To Stop Reading Real Estate Headlines“,
“Dan Melson — NegAm loans Trying to Rehabilitate the Negative Amortization Loan – NOT!“,
“Jonathan Dalton — Sgt. Hulka Sergeant Hulka and the Phoenix Real Estate Agent“,
“Daniel Rothamel — Facebook Why Your Answer to, “Are You on Facebook?” Will Determine the Fate of Your Business in 10 Years or Sooner“,
“Brian Brady — Jumping off a cliff Small Steps Today Prevent Jumping Off A Cliff Tomorrow“,
“Jim Watkins — Down market? Down Sales Market? Think Outside the Box“,
“Jeff Brown — Little things Real Estate Investors — The Little Things Count — Big Time“,
“Doug Quance — How low? Ask The Broker: How Much Below The List Price Should We Offer?“,
“Bill Leider — Opportunity costs Internet Marketing And Opportunity Cost – Connecting The Dots“,
“Jonathan Dalton — Princess will come Someday My Princess Will Come…“,
“Larry Cragun — Foxtons A Darling Of Discount Real Estate Rides Into The Sunset“,
“Steve Leung — Hidden factors Hidden Factors When Calculating a Home’s Value“,
“Michael Wurzer — Standards and monopolies Good Standards Break Monopolies, Not Make Them“,
“Greg Kilwein — Wireless MLS Wireless Usage On The Rise“,
“Kevin Boer — Reaping the fruits Reaping The Fruits Of Others’ Labor? Or Adding Value To It?“,
“Jonathan Dalton — Real estate 2.0 Real Estate 2.0 and the Phoenix Real Estate Consumer“,
“Joel Burslem — ActiveRain/Move Tried to Buy ActiveRain“,
“Trevor Curran — Old is the new new Everything That Was OLD is NEW again.“,
“Teri Lussier — Huber Heights 2.0 My life online and how you too, can create a Huber Heights 2.0“,
“Kevin Boer — Foxtons/AR/Move Today’s Real Estate Gossip: Does A Microsoft; Foxtons Does A Countrywide“,
“Morgan Brown — FHA bailout A Bail Out is Still a Bail Out by Any Other Name“,
“Russell Shaw — Foxtons Foxtons Almost Gone – About to Become a Footnote in Real Estate History“,
“Brian Brady — Using AR for profit v. The Duplicity at“,
“Brian Brady — AR wuz robbed Active Rain Wuz Robbed“,
“Brian Brady — Advertising to Ashley Advertising to Ashley“,
“Brian Brady — NAR and lending Can the NAR Improve a Buyer’s Financing Experience?

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