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The Odysseus Medal competition — Voting for the People’s Choice Award is open

We have 14 entries on the short list this week, out of a long long list of 96 posts. I’ve already decided on the winner of the Odysseus Medal, so I’m not linking that way. This week’s Short List is all Zillow Mortgage Marketplace posts, all of them written by lenders. If you’re not interested, you’re just not interested, but I can’t imagine how you wouldn’t be.

Four of the Short List contestants wrote two posts each, so I’m going to count a vote for either as a vot for that person. If one of them wins, I’ll split the People’s Choice Award between both posts.

Vote for the People’s Choice Award here. You can use the voting interface to see each nominated post, so comparison is easy.

Ahem: Please don’t spam all your friends to come and vote for you. First, what we’re interested in is what is popular among people who would have been voting anyway. And second, I’ll eliminate you for cheating. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Voting runs through to 12 Noon MST Monday. I’ll announce the winners of this week’s awards soon thereafter.

Here is this week’s short-list of Odysseus Medal nominees:

< ?PHP $AltEntries = array ( "Brian Brady -- Zillow Mortgage Bourse Zillow Mortgage Bourse: How To Acquire Long-Term Clients”,
“Brian Brady — Zillow Mortgage Marketplace
Zillow Mortgage Marketplace: One Way Transparency Like A Bad Online Dating Site“,
“Dan Melson — Zillow\’s New Mortgage Quote Forum Zillow’s New Mortgage Quote Forum“,
“Gina Gardner — Zillow Mortgage Reflects National Trends Dog Eat Dog: Zillow Mortgage Reflects National Trends in Selling“,
“Jeff Corbett — Zillows Mortgage Community Zillows Mortgage Community. The Consumer is Ready, But is The Mortgage Professional?“,
“Jeff Corbett — Zillows Mortgage Community, On The Cusp Zillows Mortgage Community, On The Cusp of an Anonymous Transparent Credit and Personal Information eXchange Between Mortgage Professionals and Consumer, to Create a Highly Trusted Mortgage Transaction Community“,
“Morgan Brown — Zillow Mortgage Launches Zillow Mortgage Launches – How do you rate?“,
“Rhonda Porter — Zillow Launches On-Line Mortgage Quotes Zillow Launches On-Line Mortgage Rate Quotes“,
“Rhonda Porter — Zillows On Line Mortgage Leads Zillow’s On Line Mortgage Leads: Is It For You?“,
“Todd Carpenter — I have a war to fight I don’t have time for any salesmen, I have a war to fight. Yes, it’s another freaking post about Zillow.“,
“Todd Carpenter — Zillow Mortgage Marketplace launches Zillow Mortgage Marketplace launches. What it means to consumers and loan originators.“,
“Trace Richardson — Zillow Mortgage MarketPlace 11.5 Reasons Why the Zillow Mortgage MarketPlace Will Not Work in its Current Form and Will Likely Move to Exclude Most Lenders in the Future“,
“Wade Young — Zillow Marketplace: My Concerns Zillow Marketplace: My Concerns“,
“Sean Purcell — Zillow Mortgage Zillow Mortgage: I’m Still Looking for the Yellow Brick Road“,

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    Deadline for next week’s competition is Sunday at 12 Noon MST. You can nominate your own weblog entry or any post you admire here.

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    1. JeffX April 6th, 2008 2:57 pm

      I’m not a lender, got out in 4Q ’05 when the writing was on the wall…

      It’s easier to innovate outside rather than in anyway.

    2. JeffX April 6th, 2008 2:58 pm

      Thx for the h/t.

    3. […] you didn’t check out this week’s nominees for The Odysseus Medal, you […]

    4. Charleston Real Estate Blog April 8th, 2008 6:45 am

      This post is not about the new Zillow Mortgage Bourse…

      … because it's been thoroughly discussed across the real estate blogosphere. As always, the gang…