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Generation Jones: Angst Filled Baby Boomers Are A Great Market For Realtors

I started the discussion about “generational” marketing with the controversial article:

The Youth Myth: Why It’s Hip To Be Square in Real Estate Brokerage

In that article, I discussed why the Baby Boomers represented an under-served market for high-tech real estate agents and lenders.  Fascinated by the responses, I started researching more and committed to a series about how to market online to this generation.  Greg Swann and I agreed that this will definitely be a session at Unchained Orlando.

The second part of the series is available on Home Gain Blog:

Baby Boomers Were Not Created Equally

Why did I take a detour to Home Gain? To throw up a big tent.

Here’s an excerpt:

The younger Baby Boomers, or Generation Jones, are a bit different from their older cousins. Born in 1955-1966 and children of “The Silent Generation”, they came of age in the late 70s and early 80s. They were promised a better world, became latch-key kids (from divorce or dual income families), and remember odd and even days at the pump. Live Aid defined this generation.

Barack and Michelle Obama are Jonesers as is Sean Hannity. Their big cultural shift was Carter to Reagan, pension plans to 401-k plans, and Pell Grants to student loans. They listened to KISS, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, and The Beastie Boys; less idealistic, more individualistic. That music represents the feelings of this sub-generation’s view towards life.

The series will be back on BloodhoundBlog and I expect to have 4-5 more installments; we’re just taking a little detour today to invite more people to the party.

Marketing to Baby Boomers:

Part One: The Youth Myth: Why It’s Hip To Be Square in Real Estate Brokerage

Part Two: Baby Boomers Were Not Created Equally


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  1. Louis Cammarosano July 31st, 2008 10:45 am
  2. Ken Smith August 1st, 2008 3:48 pm

    Thinks it’s an interesting approach taking this across multiple blogs. Not sure if I like it, but it’s interesting.

  3. Adam Stanhope October 26th, 2008 3:06 pm

    The “Generation Jones” meme has been getting some real traction of late. I must confess that it is new to me, but now that I am aware of it I am seeing it everywhere.

    There was a post on Huffington Post today about it:

    [Huffington Post]

    Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune and MSNBC fame has been touting it:

    [Clarence Page]

    Generation Jones even has its own website!