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Carnival of Real Estate: Creams and cheeses . . .

This is our list of second-tier winners in the Carnival of Real Estate. Like those we exhibited yesterday, these are all well-developed ideas pertinent to the real estate industry. These are all very worthy posts, the kind I consider eminently link-worthy, because they advance the meta-discussion that is real estate weblogging.

Working from interviews with real estate webloggers, Drew Meyers from Zillow Blog asks Why Do You Blog?

Todd Tarson of MOCO Real Estate News uses a favorite movie quote to lead us on a grand tour of red hot real estate issues.

From True Gotham, Douglas Heddings shares his thoughts on the real estate market in the Hamptons.

Jim Cronin of The Real Estate Tomato points a loaded question at real estate practitioners: “Why Have A Website At All?”

If we take a turn around Mike’s Corner, Michael Price will treat us to a review of Waiting On Your Cat To Bark.

Drop your keyboard and grab your game controller: Daniel Rothamel of The Real Estate Zebra is a Blogger For Frogger.

Writing from his ActiveRain weblog, Jonathan Dalton chronicles Bigfoot, Open MLS and other myths.

David A. Porter of the Pacesetter Mortgage Blog advises us on the Top 4 Critical Questions when buying a Condominium.

Pat Kitano of, my kind of over-achiever, delivers a five-part tutorial on real estate weblogging.

From, A. Samuel asks Slough to get a new HeART time for Ricky Gervais to move office?

Renthuiast, a UK weblog, invites us to a Conversation with Nestoria.

Stephen Jagger of brings an insightful list of Search Engine Keyword Tips.

Our outbound traffic to yesterday’s winners was huge, more than double our normal outbound/inbound ratio — on a very busy day. That’s great, and this is why I wanted to show these posts on a separate day — so that they don’t get lost in the shuffle. Let’s dig in and devour all these delicious creams and cheeses so that tomorrow we can self-flagellate in good conscience…

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  1. […] Greg over at has posted this weeks Carnival of Real Estate and he has included my blog about Search Engine Keyword Tips. Check it out, as there are some great posts included. […]

  2. Jay Thompson October 10th, 2006 7:53 am

    “Our outbound traffic to yesterday’s winners was huge, more than double our normal outbound/inbound ratio — on a very busy day.”

    Indeed it was. I had a boatload of visitors from here. (“Boatload” is the tehnical term for “a whole bunch”.) Record number of visitors to the blog yesterday, surpassing even the total from the 9/11 tribute post. Many visitors spent a long time, and read several pages.

    Thanks! I’ve already read many of the creams and cheeses in previous trips around the blogosphere, looking forward to the others.

  3. Carnival Day #2 | The Real Estate Zebra October 10th, 2006 8:26 am

    […] Greg’s second installment of the Carnival of Real Estate is up right now. Today’s listing includes plenty of great posts, and yours truly makes an appearance. Dig in! […]

  4. Why Blogging works

    /images/33632-31387/thisisme1.jpg” height=”106″ width=”87″>Why blogging works… it’s often discussed – Greg Swann’s treatise best describes the inspirational intent, the mission of blog as service and contribution to your world. Jim Cronin prov…

  5. Daniel Rothamel October 10th, 2006 9:48 am

    Wanted to let you know that I think that what you have done this week with the Carnival is brilliant, and a much needed change to the format. There is never anything wrong with rasing bars or increasing standards. Of course, I would have expected nothing less from the Bloodhound.

  6. Carnival of Real Estate – #6 in the Blogger Starter Series

    /images/33632-31387/carnival.jpg”>A topical lesson for my newbie blogger clients – file this under Publicity.Blog Carnivals are weekly events “hosted” in rotation by an industry blogger. Bloggers contribute their best post of the week to the host, w…

  7. Pat Kitano October 10th, 2006 11:12 am

    Greg, I’m pleased to submit my first Carnival post to you… I hope future hosts follow your format, it’s a joy to check great articles on successive days… thanks…

    Also, I’m surprised finding my new posts in your comments (the fourth one above was a quick revision of the article to point to a sidebar listing my serial posts) instantly trackbacked to you… assuming it’s a WP plug-in… great stuff…


  8. Drew M from Zillow October 10th, 2006 2:49 pm

    I love the fact that you are raising the bar on the carnival- it’s a welcome change that I hope future hosts follow. Personally, I’d rather just see one post on Monday with the best 10-20 posts- with quality driving the number of posts the host chooses to highlight. Nonetheless- great work on the carnival this week!

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  11. […] The Bloodhound Blog tears the meat from the bone hosting this week’s Carnival of Real Estate. So instead of the normal fare of popcorn and cotton candy, sink your teeth into some rare posts and knaw the bone. The prime cut is The proof is in the puddin’–Range pricing, part 1,275 by Bryan Tutas. For those not wanting to clog a mental artery, try these creamy posts. We missed the Carnival. Maybe we could have supplied dessert. Listen to this podcast […]

  12. […] Thes week, Greg decided to change it up a little, and gave us the Red Meat followed by the creams and cheeses. […]