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Tab-surfing: Cataloging my collection of good posts…

It really is a matter of browser tabs. I live in Safari for the Mac, and if I see something in Vienna, my RSS feed reader, that I want to explore, I’ll open the window, then slide the tab over to another open window that is already full of tabs. I end up with a sort of codex of open browser windows, each one stuffed with elemental goodness. Every once in a while, I catalog my collections of tabs. At that point, the marginal cost of doing so publicly is nil, and there’s a good chance I can share with you something important you might have missed. Now you know my secret method…

It’s a six-month-a-versary at The San Diego Home Blog. It turns out all the great raconteurs are in San Diego. Kris Berg has some thoughts on MLS fragmentation, as well.

Jeff Brown, the other great San Diego spinner of yarns, wants you to think about the relative merits of stocks versus real estate.

Bonnie Erickson has thoughts on the call for underperforming Minnesota Realtors to have a glass of Kool-Ade, as does Daniel Rothamel.

Dustin Luther at Rain City Guide has four posts (so far) on the Seattle Blog Business Summit. My skeptometer may need re-calibration, but I’m wondering if there is a difference between being well-known and being well-thought-out. Austin Bay got to interview Donald Rumsfeld this week, you tell me why. Robert Scoble, who praises because it’s always wrong in his experience, advises webloggers to “write well.” Ya think?

Here’s real news, in any case: WordPress 2.0.5 has been released.

John L. Wake at the Arizona Real Estate Notebook has found someone with the perfect solution to high land costs in San Francisco and Manhattan…

BloodhoundBlog is four months old tomorrow. Technorati says we’re linked by 180 weblogs so far. RSS Pieces has advice on how to boost traffic 40% in one hour per day. Here’s my advice, an elaboration on the philosophy of the inestimable Robert Scoble: Write well, write wisely, write often — and don’t please anyone more than you please yourself. Quantity matters a whole lot less than quality — in the work you do and in the readers that work might attract.

Four months’ work for two cents’ worth of wisdom? This job pays almost as good as real estate…

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  1. CJ, Broker in L A, CA October 28th, 2006 4:46 pm

    >>BloodhoundBlog is four months old tomorrow.

  2. CJ, Broker in L A, CA October 28th, 2006 4:49 pm

    Oops, how did that incomplete comment happen? I wanted to finish the sentence …. but your archives go back to November 2005. I’d call that almost a year. True, Odysseus was the primary blogger for several months….

  3. Greg Swann October 28th, 2006 4:53 pm

    Different, earlier, failed weblog. Died in April 2005. I rolled those posts in when I built BloodhoundBlog, which WordPress makes easy. I wrote about it here.