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As an expression of gratitude to the Bloodhounds, here’s an Unchained Melody for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was a holiday established by productive people to celebrate the success of their work. –Ayn Rand

I love this place — this life, this earth and this tiny little corner of the net. The accretion of evidence leads me to believe that the world is becoming more and more the realm I would have designed for myself. Yes, we’re headed into serious economic trouble, and, yes, we’re headed that way under the leadership of a man who has never held a job in his life and who makes no secret that he knows nothing about the causes of wealth and poverty.

But: Even so: So what?

We are on the cusp of riches without limits. We are literally standing around getting soaked to the skin as soup rains down from the skies, and yet we are so much in the thrall of our treasured wounds that we can’t even see it. That much, at least, is a correctable nuisance.

The curtain goes up at eleven tonight on Act Three of my life, and I know better than anyone that I am the best beneficiary of the riches I talk about. All my life people have asked me for writing advice, and, without intending to be glib, I told them simply this: Have something to say, and have a way of saying it. I am befriended by the times, and — amazingly to me — I am by now able to ship these piles of ore I have quarried from my mind. Do you want to know how to change the world forever, for the good? You do it one mind at a time — starting with your own.

I’m grateful to the Bloodhounds — to the people who read, comment and write here — both for BloodhoundBlog and for Unchained. I’m thankful for our clients, who have been prosperous enough to keep us in business. I don’t think I ever adequately express my gratitude to Cathleen, who gives me everything that can be had from another person. There are so many others — Richard Riccelli and Brian Brady and Teri Lussier — so I hope you won’t feel left out just because I haven’t named you. I’m a high-D and an insufferable bastard, but I hope I am never stinting in my praise, my thanks and my blessings.

But there is one Bloodhound I should single out this Thanksgiving: Brad Coy. He leaned on me enough that I logged in as Odysseus today and discovered that what he and others have been saying all along is true: Apparently only I (logged in as the admin) can successfully embed a YouTube video in a BloodhoundBlog post. That’s a correctable nuisance, too, and I’ll start quarrying for the correction.

In the mean time, here’s an Unchained Melody for Thanksgiving, Leonard Cohen’s Anthem as performed by his longtime back-up singers, Julie Christensen and Perla Batalla:

Here’s to a very Happy Thanksgiving and to a very productive fall and winter!

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4 Comments so far

  1. Teri Lussier November 26th, 2008 7:26 pm

    Happy Thanksgiving, Greg!

  2. Eric Blackwell November 26th, 2008 10:24 pm

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Greg.

    Among the things I am most grateful for is the chance to work and associate with great friends. I am humbled to count you among them.



  3. Brad Coy November 27th, 2008 12:45 am

    Aha! 😀

    Thanks Greg. I’m grateful as well to be a part of this tiny little corner of the net. Possibilities are limitless when you experience freedom, and that’s what Bloodhound is about. Having the keys to the back door let’s me take a look at when I made my first comment here, which was on Halloween just last year. I’m happy to have joined the conversation as opposed to remaining a lurker, which is what I had done for probably the year prior.

    Today has been an extra rough day as my wife was given notice yesterday about being laid off today. We also received notice this morning that her brother probably has cancer on one of his kidneys and may have to have it removed sometime next week. This type of news never comes easy, but perhaps having it come the day before Thanksgiving helps with perspective.

    Tomorrow we celebrate with family and friends and I could not be more grateful for everything that I do have in life, which is an abundance of love.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  4. Greg Swann November 27th, 2008 7:47 am

    Sorry about your bad news, Brad. You’re an inspiration in how your dealing with it. Here’s to better days.