There’s always something to howl about

You get it, right? I mean people are looking for experts. Well for a few dollars more…

Surely this landed in your inbox this morning as well.  Maybe there was something just like it.   But I’m seeing a bright future for the site that aims to “revamp the way we define words in United States.”

Experts in United States offers a “lifetime purchase” with “no hidden fees.” So get in while you still can.

Their mission is hidden in plain sight:

Invitation to People and Businesses in United States

Subject: Launch

Good Morning, this is an invitation to share with you an interesting, fun, and modern new site, where you can promote your areas of Expertise in United States.

We believe that we are all experts in something, and now we want to give you the opportunity to purchase the word that defines your expertise.

What we want to do is revamp the way we define words in United States.

So how does Experts in United States work?

Well, ExpertsInUnitedStates lists thousand different words and for the price of one dollar per letter you can associate that specific word with your website or blog.

ExpertsInUnitedStates is interested in different interpretations of words by different individuals, and so the website was created in part to explore and play with the definitions of words.

So to give you an idea, if you are a “Gas Company”, you could be interested in purchasing the word – Diesel – 6 letters – total cost $6.

If you are a Hotel in Chicago, you could be interested in purchasing the word – Hotel – 5 letters – total cost $5.

Once a word has been sold, the word is not available any more, and it is linked forever to your site.

All the purchases are lifetime. No hidden fees.

Confused? Well, the easiest way to understand this unique marketing concept is to visit the site and give it a go… We believe that this fun and practical way to promote your business not only generates extra traffic to your website, but it can also recession-proof your business by promoting it as an expert in your field.

Still confused??  Well, being of altruistic nature, I’ve left the term RealEstate and other related terms up for grabs.  So hurry on over and grab yours for only 10 buck$.   Or, if you can save take that 10 spot on over to Ike’s Place, grab yourself a sandwich and come up with something original to be an “expert in United States” in like radioimmunoelectrophoresis.

Ooh, that sounds important!


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  1. Vicki Moore February 25th, 2009 11:07 am

    Why didn’t I think of that? What a great idea to make a few bucks.

  2. Michael Eisenberg February 25th, 2009 6:56 pm

    Amazing, there is someone out there trying to sell just about anything. You can even get a star named after you or a loved one for a mere $48, that gets yuo a pretty certificate, and the name registered in the companies computer.