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The Twitter Experiment: SWRake Seeks Companion for Possible LTR

Alright.  I talked about posting my results on this post.

Today’s pay pal of $575.00 allowed me to cross the finish line, early.   I have blogs to build, SEO to SEO, copy to write, PHP to PHP and more work than I can possibly do.  And way more than that, to channel Yogi.   Lawyers, a local News Station…Realtors®…and others have contracted with me to do everything from setting up social networking profiles (boring), to trying to aggregate information on their competitors (fun).  I have a pile of work to do.  From Twitter.  It’s an efficient clearing house when you’re ready to pick up the phone and be a catalyst and when you see phrases and words you dig at

I’m not highly skilled as a cold caller compared to many.   But I make the calls.  That’s most of it.  And, I had one shitty response.  Only one.  But I pick up the phone, I say I’m enjoying your tweets.  And, I now have money to pay 2008’s extortion taxes.   I’ll probably have $14,000 after I pay my subs out. There’s money in twitter.  Just lying around.   If  I’m a mortgage lender, EVERY Realtor® would get a phone call in EVERY state I could lend in.  Why?  Because being ON twitter is instant credibility & rapport.

I didn’t spend hours doing this, really.   I spent probably about 70-75 minutes a day initially calling, and then I did follow up, scheduled through ACT 6.0 now that I have my PC working on my MAC.   (Act 6.0 was the pinnacle of single user CRMs) .  I also asked the Twitterers for referrals that WEREN’T on Twitter.  That was $8,000 of my $25,150.    I have probably another $4,000-8,000 in business I could extract if I’d follow up with zeal and vigor.

And there’s the rub.   See, I need someone to manage and do the work.  I’ve sold it, gotten project requirements, I’ve found people with real needs to be helped.   And I’m looking for someone to help grind out the work so I can honor my clients, and keep the pace up.  I want someone that has some skill in social networking, some ability to write, a little SEO experience, and a happy attitude.  I’m looking hard for a long term partner.  I’ll do most of the selling, and much of the work.  Someone else will get income to keep me from getting into trouble…doing some work.

I’m looking for someone that:

  • can give 30+ hours a week..with more time available as revenue comes  in.
  • honors clients and is grateful to have ’em.
  • works hard and fast, and knows that a deadline is part of a contract
  • Is familiar with WP, HTML, SEO, Social Networking, and Google.
  • Does a little teaching on what makes someone successful at social media.
  • Can make videos and sound semi coherent on said videos.
  • Can set up and configure a client’s WP without a problem.
  • Is dedicated to getting better at getting better every day
  • Willing to stay doing 15% charity/pro-bono work.
  • Can do this for as long as its fun.

I’m looking for a PARTNER and not an employee.  I can handle writing the deal up, getting paid, collecting bills, etc.  I’ll hire an employee if I must, but the kind of person that wants to be someone’s bitch an employee is probably not for me.  I want accountability, honesty, effort, and a fiduciary responsibility to our clients.   I plan to focus on some specific services (though I don’t yet know what they are).

So, adding Twitter as another angle for revenue has, for the time being, allowed me to do loads.    I’ll double my sales volume if I can do it and honor my clients.  And if you’re reading this blog, you might be a good fit.  I want to keep connecting and being a catalyst.  I needs me a shepherd.  Contact me at and help me use cold calling to bring the magic of technology to folks the world over.


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  1. Ryan Hartman February 26th, 2009 8:55 pm


    I can’t sleep after pondering this. Farting out my pee-hole with interest…

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