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Meet My New BFF: GoToWebinar

Hate cold calling?  No, not you Chris Johnson.  I mean the rest of us.

Me too.  So I invested a few dollars into GoToMeeting and a few hours promoting a few educational Webinars with Brian Brady on Facebook and LinkedIn.

If you can deal with my goofball face and occasional blabbering, you’ll find a couple of nuggets in the 19 minute video below.


1)  Pick a hot Webinar topic.  Find an industry expert.  And give the goods.  You don’t need to sell anything.  Just give.

2)  Have your friends, referral sources and counterparts help you promote your webinar.  Return the favor when they ask.

3)  Use the Webinar registration process to build your database and collect valuable data on your attendees.

4)  Record your Webinar, use video editing software like Camtasia to reformat, and post your Webinar onto your blog.

5)  Promote your Webinar on high traffic blogs.  Drive registrants to your blog to fill out the Registration Form.

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  1. Mortgage Cicerone March 28th, 2009 12:27 pm

    Bravo Mark – You have articulated what most people do not understand or practice in the world of marketing. It is not about how big your database list is, its about how interested, passionate and loyal the individuals on your database list are about you and the product/service you represent.