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Apple TV will present on-line videos in big chunks . . . ?

The Unofficial Apple Weblog, live-blogging from Steve Jobs’ Macworld keynote address:

Apple TV Price $299. I want one. Ships February. Taking orders today. “Enjoy your media on your big-screen TV.”


This is Carmen Sandoval from today’s episode of Flipper Nation — blown up to display on the 70-inch Sony Bravia LCD HDTV announced yesterday at CES. Yes, this will look better at living room distances — but how much better? Somehow, I don’t think this the last word in convergence technology.

On the other hand… Jobs is demoing the iPhone — with OSX on-board. More about this later…

Further notice: Tabbed browsing — on a phone!

Further, further notice: This is a rockin’ phone. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM, EDGE, SMS, email, video voicemail (selectable, like email!), tabbed Safari web browser, iPod, OS X with syncing to everythng via iPod sync, 5 hours phone, 16 hours audio, 2MP camera, touchscreen keyboard (one hardware button), widescreen iPod movies, iPhoto support. How much? $499 for a 4GB unit, $599 for 8GB. Both require a 2 year contract with Cingular (exclusively). My take has been that the next generation of mobile phones would eliminate the laptop from the real estate world. This might be the one…

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