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Throwing a Virtual Rent Party

While Greg and Brian are talking about “Battling Back”; Eric, Teri and I have been talking about “Throwing Parties”.  As in Rent Parties.

If you are not familiar with the term, Rent Parties flourished in Harlem in the 1920s and 1930s.  Musicians would make the rounds after their paying gigs, guests would pay a small admission fee to dance and party all night at someone’s apartment, and the host would end up with enough money to pay the landlord for another month.

Greg’s revealing personal post yesterday inspired the idea that we could throw a Rent Party online.  And. the party could boogie on 24/7/365.

To my surprise the domain name was available.  By last night I had the bare bones foundation of the site up and running; and Teri had incredible visions of the good work that could be done.  You can see our work at

Meanwhile, I am plumb tuckered out.  :-)

Anyone who would like to work with us on building out the content please tell us in the comments; we’re thinking everything from video dance contests, to straight talk around the kitchen table about putting your financial life together.  I will quickly and gratefully send any volunteer a login ID and password.

And yes, there are already a couple donations in the hat.  I certainly respect that you didn’t intend to induce charity, Mr. Swann, but there it is, your friends won’t leave you to face trouble alone.  If you won’t accept the funds, I bet Cathleen’s foster pet project would happily accept them, or Teri has some ideas in her community too.

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