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Today’s is Teri Lussier’s fifth blogiversary on BloodhoundBlog.

Here is Teri Lussier’s first post at BloodhoundBlog: Hi. I’m Teri…And I’m aghast.

Teri had to tell me that today is the first day of her sixth year writing with us. I’m not a birthdays and anniversaries kind of guy. But I am nothing but proud of the dawg she has turned out to be, and it’s fun to herald the event.

I didn’t know it at the time, but I met Teri just at the beginning of the end of the golden age of the The Project Blogger contest was the first little bit of orchestrated hoke in the real estate weblogging world, and I had just told the mob of cliquey mediocrities the first of many truths they did not want to hear, inciting the first of many failed mass sneerspasms.

In each one of those mob actions, writers at BloodhoundBlog were assailed with entreaties to stop writing here. I think the theory was that depriving BloodhoundBlog of their voices would somehow silence my voice. These campaigns were initiated by Joe Ferrara; all of this mob-maniacal horse-shit originated with Joe Ferrara. It all came to nothing, of course, at least on my end. But a lot of agents and lenders screwed up their careers trying to recreate a kindergarten playground — Lord of the Flies with no points off for spelling errors.

This was evil, awful and wrong — not that I’ve ever made a secret of my opinion of social media and the mobs it engenders. But the whole phenomenon is interesting to me, because my thinking runs entirely the other way.

Teri Lussier has written great essays on BloodhoundBlog, and I’m very grateful for that. But I’m also very grateful to call her my friend. I don’t make friends quickly or easily, and I am very, very quick to push people away from me as soon as I realize they are not friends to me.

But I am a friend to Teri not out of loyalty to her, but out of my indivertible loyalty to principle. Teri lives up to values I admire, revere and worship, and that is the source of my devotion to her as my friend. If I should discover some hidden corruption in her, that would change everything for me — and I would expect her to take the same position with regard to me.

To the other BloodhoundBlog writers: If you are being pressured to pull out, and if you are staying out of a personal loyalty to me — in betrayal of your own beliefs and principles — please go with my blessing. I hate mobs, and that is what a mob is: A collection of people who betray the highest of values for the sake of friendship or collective rent-seeking or simply a jovial mutual absolution of vice. I want no part of anything like that.

Meanwhile: Congratulate Teri as suits your sensibility. Almost every post in our archives is worth reading, but Teri’s contributions — in posts and in comments — are among the very best. I say that not in loyalty to her but out of love for the very best values to be found in each one of us.

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