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BloodhoundBlog Radio: FHA/VA in 2010 (with Tony Gallegos)

Wondering about the future of VA home loans and FHA mortgages?  Listen to my interview with Bloodhound Blog contributor, Tony Gallegos.  We discuss:

  • San Diego County VA mortgage statistics (the market share number is going to astound you
  • Why VA loans have the lowest default rate among all four major loan types (including conventional prime).
  • Why FHA isn’t really going broke (contrary to my earlier statement, it’s doing quite well)
  • Why lenders are initiation stricter guidelines on FHA loans than HUD requires
  • Why I suggest that HUD is asking FHA-approved lenders to do the “heavy lifting” for them

The interview last about 40 minutes; the perfect treadmill companion. 

Listen to it here.

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