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I’ll Do It For Free… – “That’s What She Said!” (HeyCentralPa.Com: 5 of365)

My screencast on installing plugins (“Plugin: ‘That’s What She Said'”) is up at HouseYourMom.Com. [I’m particularly proud of the intro this time.]

Here are the plugins that I’ve loaded up on the HeyCentralPa wordpress install so far:

Advanced Category Excluder
NextGen Gallery
Similar Posts
SimplePie & SimplePie Core
Kimili Flash Embed

I plan to go a lot more into these as I implement each one, but for now I’m wrestling with getting Tubepress to work correctly with the P2 page template. It works fine with posts, just not pages. (Anyone wanna take a crack at helping me find the problem? I’ll happily hook up some ftp access..)

On the “how’s this gonna go down” front, I’m still looking for that big (open minded) Central Pa Broker to sweep me off my feet. Despite my tough talk the other night, I’m chickenpoop to try to establish a whole new practice in a totally new market and am more interested in other endeavors, so how’s this for an offer?

If you’re a broker in CentralPa and you want to give all of your agents free hyper local niche pages on HeyCentralPa.Com, I’ll set it all up, manage the technical details, and do free “how-to-blog” workshops in your office for free!

Why? What’s the catch? Need more details? Use my spiffy Google voice button to get in touch!

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