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Surfing a twenty-year wave in the desert

From the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

For the next 20 years, some of the weightiest issues for home builders will be figuring out where baby boomers really want to move, when and if they sell their homes, and what type of housing will they desire, be it city-center high-rise condo, beach house, or something in a golf course development.

With more than 70 million boomers heading toward retirement — the oldest of them turn 60 this year — these questions were prominent at the National Association of Home Builders’ annual conference, which wrapped up on Jan. 14.

Though consumer survey research has shown for decades that homeowners in their 40s and 50s often have no detailed plans to downsize or sell their houses, a new statistical study unveiled at the convention suggests that boomers might have different ideas.

In the study, more than 50 percent of all homeowners ages 45 to 54, and nearly 60 percent of homeowners aged 55 to 64, rated themselves either “likely” or “very likely” to buy a vacation, investment or new primary home sometime in the coming 60 months.

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