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NAR Chief Economist, David Lereah totally ignores his detractors by continuing to make predictions about the real estate market. Now he is officially in the dictionary (, listed under the word, “persuasive”.

Lereah persuasive

United States citizens not wanting to purchase a home have been powerless to resist Mr. Lereah’s announcements that “they should” purchase a home now.

Using a form of Mind Control known only to the initiated few, Lereah has run roughshod over anyone trying to not buy a home.

Now, even his detractors, previously intent on renting, are starting to “call a Realtor” – as Mr. Lereah has “suggested” they do. 2007 will be very interesting to watch, as this battle continues to unfold.

What is at stake in this fight is the freedom for individuals to think what they want to think. It seems the National Association of Realtors will stop at nothing short of World Domination and uses Lereah to force everyone to “see it their way”.



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