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You Still Here? Good. Now Get Out!

I was talking to a pretty large group of agents yesterday and during the break I asked my standard questions: “So, how’s business?”  “Are you keeping busy?”  Over and over I heard the same two answers.  One agent would say, “No, it’s been slow and it’s killin’ me.”  The next agent would say “Yeah, I’m real busy, but every transaction takes three times as much work and pays half what it did.  It’s killin’ me.”  Kind of reminded me of a classic Woody Allen joke about two old ladies sitting at a resort in the Catskills.  The first one complains, “The food here is terrible.” The second one replies, “Yes, and such small portions.”

I know, I know – this space is normally reserved for big-brain posts and how-to tutorials all written to help you find your bigger, better, more passionate place in this bowl of cold porridge we call real estate.  Heck, just for writing this I might get drummed out of the “challenge them till they drop” school of bootcamp real esate training that cost me $19.99 and four cereal box tops.  But listen, if you’re making it right now – despite the poor food and small portions – then you are a success and when the tides eventually rise, you’re going to reap ever increasing rewards. (Unless, of course, those tides drown you, in which case your reward is in the mail… please don’t contact me.)  So give yourself a pat on the back.  Better still, take yourself out to dinner this weekend and make damn sure to show this post to your wife or husband.  They should spend the better part of that dinner telling you how impressed they are that you’re still making it.  (Wouldn’t hurt if they commented on your tremendous bouyancy either.)  Oh, and make sure you order dessert too – something decadent and fattening.  Just tell the waiter that no matter how bad the dessert is, you want a large portion.  It’ll be okay, I promise.  Besides, you deserve it.

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