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Flying beyond flyers, here is our first full-color brochure for our first million-dollar listing

A week from today, we will list our first million-dollar residence. (The web site is a placeholder as I write this. We’ll begin to populate it next week.)

But the home is a spectacular specimen, and we wanted to do something more to bring that out. So yesterday we put together our first full-color brochure for a home.

That’s the outside face. Full-size is 17×11″, with a fold in the middle to permit it to fit into our flyer boxes. You’ll have to imagine where the fold will split the image.

And here is the inside face. If you click on either image, you can see the full-size, full-bleed pre-press files. Fair warning: They’re 87 megabytes each.

Here’s the text from the inside front panel:

True luxury, true elegance is not a
vast accumulation of shiny trinkets,
a mass of dazzling distractions.
The artifacts of genuine wealth are
streamlined, refined, stripped down
to the essence. Simple. Unaffected.
The best expression of your limit-
less lifestyle is a home that serves
as the jewelry box for the precious
treasure that is your family…

And that’s why god made Lord & Taylor…

This is going to be a fun one for us, a chance to put every idea we’ve been playing with to the test.

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