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“Leading” With Listings, Systematically Getting (A Few Clicks) From Twitter, And Using Some Lazy Math To Justify The Effort…

So, it looks like the Twitter.Com/229RockGlen account is generating 3-7 clicks/day back to the web page linked from the profile. I think I can see how an agent with 10 or more listings might start to see some results employing the 1 Twitter account per property approach.

I mean, why not multiply the 3-7 clicks daily by 10 and call it a potential extra 50 visitors a day, right? Or maybe 20 such accounts could yield 100 extra visitors a day.

And lets say 3% of these visitors opt in to some sort of lead capture on your site. Maybe they consent to receive your latest videos… Ok, so if you’ve got 20 listings, each with it’s own twitter account, then you could potentially generate 3 * 30 = 90… I’ve been rough with the numbers here, so let’s just call the 90, 100. :)

And let’s say most agents with an inventory that large could convert 1 in 100 opts to a commission sometime in the next year….Average Sales Price $200,000 …. GCI 5000?

Time spent setting up the twitter accounts – 20*15 minutes each = 5 hours….

I don’t know…

A System For Using Twitter With Measurable ROI?

I guess what I’m saying is maybe I’ve figured out a process for configuring twitter to increase sales in an almost measurable way. That is, assuming you’re confident a set percentage of visitors to your site will opt in to something…


1. Create a Twitter Account for Each Property Listing.

2. Make sure your website in the twitter profile links back to the property or page on your site.

3. Drop a few tweets about the property. Beds, baths, square footage, “I am way overpriced..” just a few things to give the twitter account some content.

4. Use this juicy affiliate link, to fire up a Tweetspinner Account.

5. Configure Tweetspinner to automatically follow other tweeters who might be interested in your property/area specific twitter account. (For example, anyone who tweets the words “south street” might be interested in your Philly real estate listing.)

6. Wait for eventual clicks from the twitter account to your blog/lead capture system.

7. Assuming you’re generating opts from a certain percentage of your blog visitors via a number of different lead capture points, you should eventually have meaningful interactions with people who were automatically followed by the twitter account(s) you’ve set up.

8. Theory – a few minutes invested as you service each of your listings = more traffic to your site = more glengary leads = more gci.

9. Put this in your listing presentation, because at least short term, you’ll look cool and maybe you’ll close an extra listing appt this year?

10. Keep interacting with folks as you normally have on twitter, because you enjoy it, not because you have reason to believe the time you spend tweeting will ever yield measurable gci…

So what do you think? Shouldn’t brokers everywhere be considering this strategy? Especially huge monstrously sized brokerages with 500 or more agents who in addition to looking for more transactions short term, are also looking to increase brand reach and impress potential recruits with their internets and social medias presence?

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