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Podcast with CEO Glenn Kelman: “We’re looking for nerds living in nice houses”

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting with Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman and his Senior Communications Director, Cynthia Pang. Let me begin by saying that I waltzed into my local Starbucks anticipating a date with the devil. While I exited no more enamored with their business model, I have to admit that both Glenn and Cynthia were a delight. No horns, no forked tails and no speaking in tongues (well, not exactly).

My impression of Glenn was one of a passionate entrepreneur who genuinely believes in his work. He struck me as honest and sincere, and I thoroughly enjoyed our brief time together. Having said that, I don’t get the impression that he entirely understands the depth of our business or of our duties as agents and fiduciaries. Some of his core premises strike me as fundamentally flawed from the standpoint of end game success or, worse, as ingredients in a recipe for future liability claims and outright failure.

I could be wrong. Divergent opinions and perspectives are what make our world go round. So, I would like to thank Glenn and Cynthia for their time. It may surprise some to know that I honestly wish them much success, as I believe their success will only be found (if it is truly realized at all) in a niche market sense.

So, Redfin, welcome to San Diego!

More: Kris Berg’s husband, Steve, has a very thorough Redfin post at The San Diego Home Blog. Los Angeles Times.’s weblog. (Ahem. Gertrude Stein’s ungrateful whine about Oakland was “There is no there there.”) Kevin Boer at The San Francisco Bay Area Real Estate Blog illustrates the demographics of Redfin’s move. The Future of Real Estate Marketing. More from Kevin Boer.

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