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When Is It Best To Begin the Day’s Cat Skinnin’?

Regardless of what many of us prefer to believe, our day to day effectiveness has much to do with when our days begin and end. Yeah, yeah, I know, Captain Obvious etc. With one eight month exception, when it’s been my choice, I’ve not been an early riser. Ever notice that those who wake up later and stay up past midnight don’t pester the livin’ crap out of you about the merits of their choice? Don’t feel like gettin’ in a word edgewise for awhile? Ask anyone with a rooster fetish about the merits espoused by their dawn worshiping cult, and you may remain silent for the duration.

My theory has always been grounded in the empirical. As long as you’re not showin’ up for work late, then leavin’ early to make up for it, your 8-12 hours a day are still 8-12 hours a day. Kinda profound, don’t ya think? Still, the early morning crowers piously insist their hours are more productive than those beginning and ending later. They utter those words framed in a tone dripping with the unspoken accusation of ‘slacker’!

Is the listing you just took, or the loan you just closed worth any more or less based upon when you get up and go to bed? Apparently so to many.

I wanted to find out first hand. If one of our country’s most respected forefathers gave the idea legs enough to last for over a couple centuries, what was the harm?

Made a deal with myself to rise at 6 AM for the entire month of November. It’s been an eye opener, as I’ve learned Ben Franklin was full of what comes out of the south end of a northbound bull. Well, maybe not totally. I am gettin’ more done by 9 due to all the obvious reasons provided by being up and more or less not comatose before the #$%&^in’ sun is up. My waking hours haven’t really changed much though, which is counterintuitive to what all the lying bastards have been tellin’ us for centuries.

My kingdom for somebody to rationally explain the difference between rising at 8:30 AM and hittin’ the hay at 12:30 AM-ish, or 6 AM and going to bed at 10-something PM. I figure I’m gaining at most an hour a day, sometimes less if my workload or workout conquered me instead of, well, you get it. I’m only bitchin’ now cuz I’m still adjusting to it, and am tired of being tired. I’m almost surely gonna extend the experiment to the end of the year to be fair. Would love to hear your take on this — with one exception. PULLLEASE don’t come at me with the whole kumbaya chapter and verse about being one with God or the universe in the morning. I’m a preacher’s kid — got that one covered.

I will tell ya one thing. That first cuppa coffee with just-ground beans is better at 6 than 2-3 hours later. I’ll be damned if I know why though.

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