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DS Drops A WP Spider Bomb…

Looks like DSIdxpress,a wordpress idx plugin that allows indexaspiderability of mls listings, is in beta.

Neat stuff. I really like DS. Enjoyed tapping their feeds to autofeed content and game search engine results in my own practice late last year. Enjoy integrating their solution in client sites today. They’ll probably make a bunch of sales based on this innovation, which is cool. “You’ll have thousands of listings indexed on google” is a great pitch…

Or at least it used to be?

What I think this really means is that the days when IDX works as an effective lead capture tool are actually coming to a close. Spiderability doesn’t seem like it’ll be such a big deal anymore when everybody’s hip and got it implemented.

Retechudamus says: As older school brokers scurry to grab the next “get rich quick” property search tool thats better than the guy’s down the street, the steady and sure content creators will continue to build a loyal fan base, poaching said brokers’ referral bases along the way.

Either way, good shit DS, this is still a nice move and I look forward to playing once it’s ready!

(Shit bomb inspired by Ken Brand, who’s dropping some eloquent “douchebags” and “bullshits” over at AG..)

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    1. Mark Madsen December 23rd, 2009 12:54 am

      Great post, especially since you pointed out that the power of IDX as a lead capture tool may be fading as buyers figure out more creative ways of viewing properties online.

      For example, didn’t Google just step up their own real estate listing display?

      I know buyers like to view properties from a safe distance online while they’re kicking tires, but most of the actual clients that have come through our sites generally end up contacting an agent for a custom search and consultation once they are ready to get serious.

      I believe that consumers may actually start to see the value in hiring a true real estate professional to help them navigate the buying process as it becomes more complex due to overwhelming amount of REOs and Short Sales flooding the market.

      So basically, if every agent has an MLS feed to post integrated with a forced registration IDX which is tied to a canned CRM drip email campaign, then the winning agent will be the one who can demonstrate authority and expertise by writing great content that answers real questions in a manner that builds trust with their readers.

      One more thing – even if a site does have all of the MLS indexed by Google, it still has to be strong enough to reach page one before it actually exists.

      Fun stuff though. I’m happy your paying close attention to this evolution, Ryan.

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    3. James Boyer December 24th, 2009 8:41 pm

      Good Post Ryan, I am not so sure that a good IDX is loosing its ability to gather leads for its owner. Yes people want to keep their distance, but yet they still have questions that only can be answered by a real person.

    4. jay January 2nd, 2010 3:32 pm

      Wow. Hope their beta goes bust and does not happen to be frank about it. Because I paid a lot for mine and prefer as little competition as possible.