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Interviews Are Back on Track

I have two great interviews coming up this week; I think you’ll enjoy them. The interviews are with real, honest-to-goodness BROKERS.
Lenn Harley is an agent in the DC suburbs and runs a firm called Homefinders. I’m reading background about her now and her story about how she became one of the original “internet brokers” is compelling.

Sharon Simms is an associate broker with RE/Max in St Petersburg. FL. She started her real estate career at Merrill Lynch Realty (remember that experiment?) . She manages a team of agents (including her daughter and son). Her post about how architecture makes neighborhoods shows that she is hardly another licensed hack banging on doors.

I’ll be asking them both questions this week. Feel free to add any that you might have for them in the comments box.

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    1. Greg Swann February 26th, 2007 11:55 am

      Excellent! You’re stone great at these. I can’t wait to see more.