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The Odysseus Medal: Inman’s real estate weblogging coverage

(I was going to award The Cheez-Whiz Prize to Google’s applications suite, but I decided not to bother. I do think it’s silly to go from centralized processing to distributed processing and then back to centralized processing, but I can understand why people might do just about anything to get away from Microsoft.)

This week’s Odysseus Medal goes to Matt Carter of Inman News for his four-part series on real estate weblogging.

Part I appears today, with the other three parts appearing later this week. The articles will go behind Inman’s pay wall, so if you want to see them for free, hop to it.

Dustin Luther at Rain City Guide writes about the series, also, along with details about a Blogger’s Connect later this year at Inman Connect.

Carter’s series explores real estate weblogging at amazing depth, and I would say so even if he hadn’t given BloodhoundBlog a big write-up. The articles explore work being done by many of the better-known names in the, including BloodhoundBlog contributors Kris Berg and Dan Green.

For my own part, my hat is off to everyone who got to be a part of this series, and to the as a whole. And most especially to Matt Carter, who has given us a lovely portrait of where we are now…

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    2 Comments so far

    1. Matt Carter February 26th, 2007 5:26 pm

      Thanks for the kind words Greg. I’m glad we didn’t get the Cheez-Whiz prize. I say we because Glenn Roberts wrote the piece on business blogs, and Jessica Swesey had a lot of work to do editing and organizing these stories so they’d be a manageable read. These were hideously long because everybody I talked to was so eager to share their blogging “secrets.”

    2. Greg Swann February 26th, 2007 5:45 pm

      An amazing amount of work, and y’all knocked it out in no time flat.

      More from Kristal Kraft on Active Rain.