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Using Captcha to Capture Idiotic Real Estate Agents

A CAPTCHA is a challenge-response test most often placed within web forms to determine whether the user is human. The purpose of CAPTCHA is to block form submissions by spambots, which are automated scripts that post spam content everywhere they can.

Somebody’s Got to Stop the Stupid

Okay, a bit of a rant.  But I’ll bet you’ll want to jump on the proverbial bandwagon once I’m exhausted, spent and fallen down in subluxed joy after finishing this. The outlet for my frustration came courtesy of a Facebook comment by Mary McKnight. “Thanks, Mary.”

If there’s one theme that Bloodhound blog has perpetuated, promulgated and promoted, it’s excellence. A close second would probably be splendor. Tom Johnson perhaps put his arms around what I’m about to rant a little over tonight, and he did it with this post about a famous Greek historical event.  The Spartans were professional soldiers. They studied their craft. They studied their history. They studied their enemy. They sought fellowship with one another, coupled by a sense of duty to excellence and splendor.

Oh, how I would that my compatriots in the profession of real estate were to embrace the Spartan ethos. And if not, at least an ethos. My encounters of late with real estate agents have left me thinking they lack not only a distinctive character, not only fundamental values, but simply a lack of any character, training or professionalism whatsoever.  In short, I’ve had my fill recently with agents who have no common sense, no commitment to excellence, no knowledge commensurate with their duties, no bleeping right to be called a professional real estate agent, and certainly no right to practice the longstanding legal requirements of agency.

I’ve had agents not call me back.  Then, then don’t call me back.   They tell me to sign contracts that they know have errors in them.  They provide inaccurate information to me about contracts they represent. They cant’ find documents. They can’t find the time to do what needs to be done. They can’t find their own assholes, honest. What they can find is some kind of perverse justification for their existence due simply to the fact that they have talked themselves into a contract to represent a client, and that contract justifies everything they do. Period.

Captcha – The New Bloodhound Secret Handshake

What I want is something slightly more difficult than “What color is the sky?”  But I want it.  I want Greg or Eric or someone to come up with a way to keep the “godspam” wannabe real estate agents away from me.  I want to know if they’re “human”, but by human I mean competent, evolved, involved, resolved to something other than an amoebic type representation for their clients.  I want a Captcha at the beginning of every relationship I have with a real estate agent that tells me that they are Leonidas-like, a seeker of excellence, one who seeks splendor.

I suspect you want the same thing.  It’s why we go to work each day.  It’s why we write, why we blog, why we teach, why we sing, why we play, why we are. We want the dregs to fall to the bottom of the wine barrel. We want the bilge pumps to pump the soft, the weak, the stupid out to sea. I hope you want this as much as I do.

Here, Graham Nash, with his version of what’s partially going on in my head.

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