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Carolyn Capalbo – a REALTOR needs our help

I have been buried in 18 hour days lately. My frist inclination towards anything that comes my way has been. “I’m buried. Leave me alone.” or “I will get back to you on it.” But this story tugged at me a little. Enough for me to take action.

See, back in the day here on BHB, Brian Brady put up a post about Ashley Dupree, the person who made headlines with Elliot Spitzer, the then governor of New York. It was more of a lark than anything, seeing how much irrelevant traffic could be generated from a post and from Greg’s being in good graces with Google. Brian’s post proved the power of serch marketing pretty handily.

It is wild to see how this story would affect the life of a fellow REALTOR.

Carolyn Capalbo is a fellow REALTOR in Northern Virginia who shares her name with Ashley Dupree’s mom. Can you see where this is going? Online Reputation Management Trainwreck. Let me have her tell it to you in her own words. You can see at the bottom of the post that she is asking for anyone to help her regain her credibility in Google. Every time someone Google’s her name right now in relation to a real estate deal, they get stories about Ashley Dupree…and pictures. Nice.

RealEsetateWebmasters started an Online Reputation Management contest to draw awareness to the issue. I have had my head down working on code and did not see it until an email crossed my desk. I am far more interested in simply doing a good deed for this fellow traveler than worrying about the contest. (Morgan did throw in some huge prizes to get it going – nice work!). I decided to throw in a prize or two of my own for anyone showing up on the top three pages of Google.

so the goal is REALTORS UP – SMUT DOWN. Pretty straighfordward (grin).

I did put together a Carolyn Capalbo post on EricOnSearch. It is sitting right now at #11…I will be working on that. ;-)

So now I am seeing more than a few bloggers start to post entries and help a fellow REALTOR out. If you can assist us by either posting about Carolyn’s situation with a link to her site or blog post (and mine both here and at EricOnSearch if you feel inclined, thanks.) or by entering the contest and putting up a post of your own, that would be great.

Oh yeah… I did notice that once Real Estate Webmasters posted about the contest, Carolyn Capalbo domain names started flying off of GoDaddy’s shelves…grin. Here’s a Carolyn Capalbo contestant… ;-) Knew that would happen…hehe.

Ok. I have to get back to work now, but if we can help the Carolyn Capalbo who DESERVES notoriety for being a great REALTOR out, it would be most appreciated.

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