There’s always something to howl about

Blood, sweat, and fears

Once upon a time, maps were marked HIC SVNT LEONES to denote unknown territory. Hic Svnt Leones means “Here are lions”. Scary. Uncharted territory is scary.

I’ve been paying very close attention to how I accomplish things: What I do and what I don’t do. Why some things are easy and I embrace them and why are somethings harder and I avoid them. I’m trying to improve my business and my productivity so it’s kind of nice useful critical to understand what makes me tick. Or tock. I need to figure out the internal roadblocks that keep me from achieving my goals. I want to recognize them immediately so I can overcome them as quickly as possible rather than letting them pile up to barricade levels.

There is stuff, for lack of better word, that I dislike doing, but when it’s up to me to do everything, and in real estate it often is up to me to do everything, I have to learn to just get on with it. I know this but still, there are things that I don’t like doing so I begin to waste my own precious time, using procrastination as motivation. An epiphany: It recently occurred to me that I would be furious with anyone else who wasted my time the way I so carelessly waste my own time.

Some of the habits I have fallen into are now clear even to me as red flags that I’m avoiding something. Twitter of course, is one example. What? Is it that obvious? Okay, so I use social networking to avoid doing some things that I find difficult. I recognize it now so I can overcome it, and that’s the thing. I once thought this was pain avoidance, but now I see it as fear. Of the unknown. As in Hic Svnt Leones. What is going to happen if I do this thing? What unseen beasties lie in wait to pounce on my soft under belly? I have a very fertile imagination and sometimes it grows weeds in the garden of the mind, but the only way to pull the weeds is if you can recognize them. You have to know which plants are the flowers and veggies, and which plants are like kudzu in Georgia. I’ve been paying attention. Now that I can recognize a red flag going up, I only have to ask myself- what am I afraid of? The answer is typically, no- it’s always something minor, or it’s easily handled, or it’s easily overcome. I may have to break it down into bite size pieces but, quite honestly? There’s nothing I can’t do. You neither if you think about it.

Humans are productive by nature. It’s in our DNA to be working, accomplishing, solving problems, setting goals and achieving them. The best part of learning about what I’m afraid of is that it gives me more opportunities to be productive, to make and meet bigger goals, and accomplish those whispers of dreams that I sometimes barely dare to recognize. Those explorers who ignored the warnings and those intrepid travelers who step into uncharted territory today are the only people who get to stand on the top of the mountain and roar. I want to be one of those people and I’m on my way. See you in that uncharted territory where Hic Svnt Leones.

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