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Second Russell Shaw Sales Success Seminar: Podcast #1

Linked below is the first of five podcasts from the Second Russell Shaw Sales Success Seminar. This event was held on April 17, 2007, and lasted for about three hours. That seminar, along with another held on March 13, 2007, are precursors to the forthcoming Russell Shaw Sales Success FAQ files. Russell will take questions from these podcasts, along with others you send to him by email, and answer them in a series of FAQ-like video and audio podcasts. His plan is to end up with a complete real estate sales training course in podcast form.

This podcast is available in audio and video format, each covering the same content.

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    1. Boston Condo Guy May 14th, 2007 3:41 pm

      A good podcast. If you are looking for a quick summary, here it is:

      Goal setting, and accomplishing your goals, is oftentimes more mental than mechanical. What do you need to do, or perhaps, think:

      1. Name a goal.
      2. Your goal needs to be specific.
      3. You have to want the goal (don’t have a goal simply for the sake of having a goal).
      4. A pattern of previous accomplishment helps (i.e. this is a realistic goal), but a goal without an element/probability of loss may not hold your interest.
      5. Realize you will hit barriers, and once you do, the differentiator of success is that you are able to maintain focus on your goal, rather than shifting that focus to the barrier itself.

    2. [...] Then just when we really needed him, Allen Butler came on board as we began exploring podcasting. Just in time to pull Kris’ music out of her interview of Glenn Kelman from Redfin. Just in time to capture the gifts that Russell gave us with his Sales Success Seminars. [...]