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QR Bar Code – Too techy; or spot on?

I recently ordered 5,000 business cards.  All the while, the QR bar code was eating at my inner most business model, “keep it simple, for all customers”.  Since not all customers, including snowbirds have smart phones, I elected not to add the QR bar code to the back side of my business card.  While many agents have already taken the leap, I was doubtful and listened to my gut.  I also order 5,000 tri-fold brochures, and still no QR bar code

I do feel the QR bar code has a place in real estate, I believe that place to be on sign riders.  .   The QR bar code is bursting onto the scene around parts of the country including South Florida.     I plan on ordering 15 sign riders all which will include the QR bar code for techy passer bys that must get the information immediately.  So what is the core issue behind that post you might be thinking?

Number one, the QR bar code can capture leads, which can turn into closings.  Maybe our uber techy’s from Bloodhound have a good system of text message drips once that lead is captured.  J

Number two, where is best place online to get the QR bar code?

Number three, what is your opinion on the QR bar code?  Where would you use it in your business?

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