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Unchained melodies: Melanie’s Babe Rainbow

Art is the stuff that sticks with you. Art is the thing that makes a permanent change in who you are. This song has been with me since I was a teenager. It’s never been of me, but it’s something I’ve always understood — even more since I started selling real estate for a living. It might-could have that impact on you, too.

It’s a waltz, 6/8, cdfc. Couldn’t be simpler. And yet I have this song in my head — in my soul — all the time. This is Melanie exposing the universe through the lens of her own life, and by making her life so real, so raw, so painful and yet in the end still so palpably redeemed — this really works for me. This is what art is for…

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    2 Comments so far

    1. Roxanne Ardary June 30th, 2011 4:15 am

      Nice song. Im not fond of her singing style but I can see how you could relate to it.

      I noticed you referred to it as a Waltz, do you and your wife ballroom dance Greg?

    2. Greg Swann June 30th, 2011 9:11 am

      > I noticed you referred to it as a Waltz, do you and your wife ballroom dance Greg?

      Not yet. We’ve talked about taking lessons, but we haven’t done it. The waltz remark was fake-book notation for the musicians at BHB. About half of American music, especially country and folk, is written in waltz time. A taste of the arcane: Western music is a child of poetry, and the waltz is essentially a musical expression of the dactylic metrical form. That converts directly to the dance, and Neil Young is on the radio right now, teaching his Old Man to waltz.