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Second thoughts on real estate video production: Video Verite — what video can and cannot do

This is a piece of the video we shot on Sunday. There’s another segment, on marketing, that I may post, also.

This film is a discussion of the nature of discursive prose as an art form, and why video, for all its strengths, cannot supplant prose in weblogging.

This could easily be the most hirsute real estate video you will ever watch. We trip lightly between art and philosophy, taking a moment to reflect upon the Swan of Avon along the way. I started out thinking that the exercise was a complete waste, but, in the end, I think you’ll find that the content, static thought it may be, repays your time.

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    1. Matthew Hardy June 5th, 2007 2:30 pm

      From the video: “Software engineering may well be the perfect artform.”

      I understand it as art. A well-crafted algorithm imagines a rambling to and fro between programmer and someone who isn’t even there yet. Writing one is like conversing in the future. How fun is that?

      (And damn, search “discursive prose” and Greg Swann STILL makes it to the first page.)

    2. Greg Swann June 5th, 2007 2:40 pm

      > And damn, search “discursive prose” and Greg Swann STILL makes it to the first page.

      The first hit, at least when I run the search, is a wonderful essay by Richard Mitchell, an historian who became an English teacher who became a world renowned grammar scold who became one of the most important epistemologists of the twentieth century. His books are mostly out of print, but that site,, has Mitchell’s entire corpus available on line for free.