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The big iDea: iPhone could spawn a host of new products

This was written by my friend Mike Arst, a very clever man whom I’ve entreated for years to start a weblog.


In honor of the release of Apple’s new iPhone, which I just can’t seem to want (even though I know I should want it), today several new product names occurred to me. Having decided that I probably can’t sell them for a small fortune on eBay (iBay?), I have decided to pass them along to you instead. No charge, even.

This for someone who drops his little MP3 player: the iBroke

For folks who enjoy listening to music while they’re eating their favorite Vietnamese soup: the iPho

For workshops that are all about one’s self-esteem: the iMe

(If they’re conducted in French: the iMoi)

For people who developed a bit too much self-esteem at the workshops (and/or for people who love odd-looking little jungle prosimians): the iI

For people like me who are just plain slow, and proud of it: the iPlod

For people who hate settling for less: the iMore

Then again, for folks in the simpler-living movement: the iLess [contributed by co-worker]

For people who loved “Young Frankenstein”: the iGor

For the lonely fisherman in his boat: the iCod

For the local crows who wake us up every morning: the iCawed

For our infamous bad-tempered cat, of whom many people are justifiably terrified: the iClawed [also contributed by co-worker]

For guys who had too much to drink and got rude at a party: the iPawed

(The individual who behaves this way is the iClod)

For the ladies who had to put up (but only briefly) with such rudeness: the iSlap

(Could substitute the iClawed there)

And last but not least, a product for the marketing people who have managed with great success to persuade us [I plead guilty] that we need all this electronic stuff:

The iCon

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    4 Comments so far

    1. Mike Price June 28th, 2007 1:01 pm

      Funny stuff. Sigh… iLaughed …. o.k. Im just not feeling as creative as you today.

    2. Chris Hotz June 28th, 2007 4:30 pm

      These will probably become a reality as everything is joining the iFad. We already have iGoogle and…

      The new iSkin:

    3. Richard Cook June 29th, 2007 9:24 am

      Which line do I stand in to get my iGouge? Not this one, iBet it is for the iPoke. iWould stand in line for my own little iDolatry, but iAm broke, iCould write you an iOU. iJoke.

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