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Left out at Inman: The truth is, Kris Berg is a blogging supernova, and her cosmic brilliance leaves everyone glowing

Is there a Carnival of Off-to-Inman Posts? If so, Kris Berg won:

So, this morning, I am off to the Inman technology conference in San Francisco. I am off in theory, at least. I haven’t exactly packed. Packing Plan A always involves meticulously planning out wardrobes, including appropriate accessories, neatly laying out the items the night before, and then, the morning of the flight, casually arranging the military-folded articles in the suitcase. I’m going with Plan B. Within the next hour, I will be shooting every item of clothing I own out of a cannon into an undersized carry-on and hoping for the best. Pity the poor, random power cord. If it simply looks like it might fit into one end of a camera, video recorder, voice recorder, iPod, or laptop, it’s coming along for the ride. I will have enough electronics and peripherals to inspire the Port Commission to beef up staffing at the security check point, and I can all but guarantee that at least half that make the journey with me were designed to power the VCR I sold at a garage sale in 1993.

Not a convention goer by nature, I was sucked into this one for a couple of reasons. I am looking forward to actually meeting the many people I have met online over the past year. Mostly, though, I am hoping I can bring back some better mousetraps to help us with our business. I’ll try to report back with updates, that is, if I can find the right power cord.

One of the break-out sessions at Inman Connect is called “The Blogging Superstars.” Kris Berg is not on that panel. In rebuttal I offer this lengthy argument:


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    1. Ron Ares July 31st, 2007 8:00 am


    2. Kris Berg July 31st, 2007 2:52 pm

      Greg, You are far too kind. Now, as yet another example of why I NEED to be here, how do I add a Technorati tag to my last post? :)

    3. Jay Thompson July 31st, 2007 3:31 pm

      Regarding Kris’ omission on the “superstars” panel, I’ll offer this lengthy argument:

      It’s bull$hit.

    4. Greg Swann July 31st, 2007 3:49 pm

      > how do I add a Technorati tag to my last post?

      I just put tags in. Copy that code out and store it in a file. You can paste it in when you need it.

      Why Author 12 Hates to Fly is just more cosmic brilliance.