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What Should a New Agent Do? How About Paying Showing Agents by The Hour?

Here are the emails I responded to tonight:

Hi Russell…I have learned about you from the book Billion Dollar agent. I have been on your site No Hassle Listings this afternoon and I’m most impressed. It is good to see some of the leaders of our industry taking the consultive approach and pay me only for the value I add.

Russell, I’m changing my business model and starting a team only brokerage here in Jacksonville Florida. We have been building websites and beta testing our value added products. Everything is coming together nicely. However, I’m surveying several people in hopes that I can get a industry understanding on three areas of importance. I would appreciate if you would share with me your compensation plans for Listing Specialists and Buyer Specialists and your weekly, monthly or annual expections for each.  Your years of experience tells me you have probably tested several programs. I’m planning on using Licensed Assistants who are paid $25/showing and $75/open house etc.

I want LS’s and BS’s doing only listing presentations, business development and negoitating contracts. Your thoughts would be appreciated. The third question is How does your Guarantee Sale program work? percentage reduction?, do you have investors who step in?

Thank you in advance for any information you are willing to share. Wishing you much continued success,


My name is David Miller I’m located in Boston. I read “the millionaire agent” and got your name from that book. I was very impressed in your companies accomplishments!! I just have a couple of questions: What is the most important thing you can do starting out? In terms of marketing what is the most important and most effective… you use a telemarketer?. Thank you for your time. David



I just finished listening to the most recent podcasts on Bloodhound blog. Thanks again! I find your delivery to be very engaging and your material to be valuable. Again, thank you for being so generous. 

I hope you will address topics for brand new agents who do not have the processes in place to improve on. Since the drop out rate is high in this business new agents can benefit immensely from your knowledge and attitude. I have shared your audio files with a couple of new agents in my office. We have all enjoyed discussing your views and your opinions. I think that we all are better off for the time we have invested listening to you.Thanks again for your willingness to share your knowledge!
 Best wishes,___


You will be able to see the improvement in the speed at which it loads and the lighting – thanks to a Saturday evening spent with Allen Butler. Thanks Allen! I leave early tomorrow for Santa Clara – I’m speaking there for a Starpower Summit, like the one we had in Phoenix. I’ll be back late Thursday and am looking forward to your questions.

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    1. Greg Swann August 29th, 2007 6:24 am

      Still not streaming. We’ll work on it when you get back. The intro and outro are cool.

    2. Allen Butler August 29th, 2007 10:11 pm

      When you say “not streaming” what do you mean exactly? It is “playing” for me just fine. The resolution was a little bit low on this one, but overall, pretty good. I like this stuff a bunch and hope that Russell will do a few of these a week!


    3. Greg Swann August 29th, 2007 10:40 pm

      In streaming media, display and delivery are contemporaneous. So far, Russell’s videos are downloading entirely before they display. Probably just a simple tweak to get them to stream.

    4. J. Ferris September 3rd, 2007 12:46 am


      Just wanted to say thank you for putting this in mp4 format. I’m hoping for the new ipods on September 5th to be like the widescreen iPhone and then I will get an iPod to watch all of Russell’s videos on… If you notice a spike in bandwidth after September 5th you’ll know why!