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You can view or download mirrored copies of ActiveRain’s complaint and Move, Inc.’s response at BloodhoundBlog

The PDF files of ActiveRain’s complaint against Move, Inc., and Move’s response, both attested to be linked from ActiveRain, are no longer there. (See comment below from Jonathan Washburn; the disappearance was apparently inadvertent.)

I am fairly reliably paranoid about crap like this, so I took copies of the two files while they were still available.

Here is ActiveRain’s petition of complaint.

And here is Move, Inc.’s response to that petition.

As someone pointed out the other day, these documents are public records in the State of California, available for inspection by anyone in the jurisdiction where they were filed.

On the other hand, these particular scanned PDF representations of those documents are presumably the work product of ActiveRain.

Whether the added labor of scanning the documents and rendering them as PDF files grants ActiveRain (or anyone) copyright protection is a colorable argument.

However: I will happily remove them upon receipt of a Cease and Desist Order from either party’s attorneys, replacing the documents with a scanned copy of that Cease and Desist Order.

Welcome to the wide-open world of weblogging…

Our story so far: Trying to keep up with developments in the ActiveRain/Move saga? These are all the BloodhoundBlog posts to date:

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    1. [...] The Sales Success FAQ Files There’s always something to howl about « v. Where’s Caleb? You can view or download mirrored copies of ActiveRain’s complaint and Move, Inc.’s response at BloodhoundBlog » [...]

    2. [...] Active Rain has made its original complaint and Move, Inc.’s response available on-line (the files are no longer there; you can find them mirrored here), which tells us that it knows its legal case has no merit. Lawyers make outsized pleas about fairness when the law is against them. Surely any disclosures ActiveRain made to Move, Inc., were made pursuant to the terms of a strictly-detailed contract, and ActiveRain’s owners know full well that they were trying to sell a very tiny pig and a very big poke. My take: They are shrieking that they wuz robbed first because they got caught, and second because, having been caught, they can’t hope to snooker some other sucker. [...]

    3. Sock Puppet September 29th, 2007 3:16 pm

      Snapped. Well done.


    4. [...] Breaking news… Active Rain pull the links to the legal complaints. But the Internet is forever… [...]

    5. Brian Brady September 29th, 2007 3:42 pm

      I snagged the smoking gun, also. Thanks for making it available

    6. CJ, Broker in NELA, CA September 29th, 2007 4:32 pm

      Old fogey that I am, I had ~printed~ both documents for leisurely reading.

    7. [...] My take on your having released your lawsuit against Move, Inc., and their response is that you know with a high degree of confidence that you cannot prevail in court. I read your original lawsuit as an attempt to extract something from Move, Inc., even though there is no chance they will proceed with the planned acquisition of ActiveRain. When that initial foray failed, my thinking is that you released your petition and their response because you hope to pressure Move, Inc., in the court of public opinion. [...]

    8. Jonathan Washburn September 29th, 2007 4:45 pm

      The documents were not taken down intentionally. If they were taken down intentionally you can reasonably assume we would have also taken down the links to the documents. Not just left them live and broken. I just learned of the broken links a few minutes ago. I think they broke last night during a site upgrade. We are working to make them live again.

    9. Jonathan Washburn September 30th, 2007 2:03 pm

      The links are fixed.

    10. [...] You can view or download mirrored copies of ActiveRain’s complaint and Move, Inc.’s response at … [...]